Stalking and Harassment  

In today’s complex society, we have seen an increase in stalking and harassment against both men and women.  A stalker can be someone who is unknown to the victim or someone, such as an ex-boyfriend, who cannot accept the change in his status.  Stalking or harassment can be extremely disruptive to the victim’s life and can cause tremendous stress on the victim, the victim’s family and others.


Fortunately, many stalkers remain in the shadows and pose no actual physical threat to the victim, but merely create an untenable environment.  However, one can never know whether or not the stalker will escalate to a more overt and physically dangerous level.


The Hawkins Group can help you identify the unknown stalker as well as providing various levels of protective security for the victim.  Our trained investigators are experienced in identifying these unknown stalkers and have worked with law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice.  In addition, we have the knowledge and background to assist you in making your life a safer one, thereby decreasing the stress you are experiencing.  The Hawkins Group can conduct residential and workplace security surveys helping you to identify how you can increase your security.  Our Executive Protection capabilities can even provide you with trained, armed agents if the threat is deemed serious enough to warrant such action.

Case Examples 

Case 1:  Recently The Hawkins Group was approached by a female executive who was being harassed by an unknown person who was mailing flyers to co-workers, friends, neighbors and even the parents of her children’s classmates.  These flyers falsely accused the executive of many damaging things, but she was told by the police that there was nothing they could do to help and suggested that she hire a professional private investigator.   After taking her case, The Hawkins Group was able to identify the woman who was responsible and to develop sufficient evidence for the police to obtain an arrest warrant.  The Hawkins Group was present and participated in the arrest of the offender and the subsequent discovery of much more evidence of guilt in her possession at the time of the arrest.  As a result, the female defendant, Christina Orozco, who was a former co-worker of the victim, was charged with a number of different counts, and bail was set at $100,000.  In June of 2006 after a week long trial, the jury deliberated for fifteen minutes before finding the defendant guilty of felony stalking with aggravating circumstances.  On September 25th, 2006 the defendant, Christina Orozco, was sentenced to serve ten months in confinement, pay restitution to the victim, required to get mental health evaluation and treatment and loss of her rights to vote and own a firearm. 
Case 2:

The City of Everett Prosecutor’s Office employed The Hawkins Group to investigate a case of telephone harassment by an adult of a high school student who had recently been seriously injured in an accident at a school sporting event.  The Hawkins Group was selected for this investigation on the recommendation of the Everett Police Department following the successful prosecution of the defendant in Case 1.


Case 3:

An attorney in San Clemente, CA hired The Hawkins Group to investigate a severe case of harassment against his client by individuals in the Seattle area.  In this case, the person(s) responsible were distributing flyers about the client’s community accusing her of immoral and illegal activity as well as engaging in other damaging harassment activities designed to cause the client major financial, emotional and other problems.


If you or a loved on is the victim of a stalker or is suffering harassment and you cannot get law enforcement involved for any reason, The Hawkins Group can assist you in protecting yourself and your family.

Case 4:

A single mother of two became the target of an unknown stalker who even kidnapped her at gun point from a local shopping mall.  The Hawkins Group helped her take a number of steps to improve her safety and that of her family as well as provided counter-surveillance and personal protection services to her.



As reported on Seattle's KIRO 7 Television - Case 1