The Hawkins Group, a Professional Investigations firm staffed by former State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Licensed by the State of Washington (WA License Number 1361) to conduct legal investigative activities statewide.


The Hawkins Group conducts a wide range of investigations including Criminal and Civil Litigation Assistance, Insurance, Fraud, Internal Affairs, Records and Asset Searches, People Locates, Interviewing and Surveillance. In addition, The Hawkins Group can provide armed executive and personal protection agents to individuals and corporations.   

We are also experienced and trained to conduct Capitol Death Penalty Defense Team Investigations and Mitigation Specialist Investigations.

The Hawkins Group is a member of several select professional Private Investigator groups that provide us with contacts in every state and many different countries around the world.  This wide spread network of professional investigators allows us to provide our clients with a global scope of investigative services.



Investigator Training

Our staff has an extensive background in training in a variety of Investigative areas. This permits us to offer valuable and specialized training in  topics such as Interviewing Techniques, Firearms, Surveillance, Court Testimony, and other law enforcement  related topics. Such training can be very beneficial to in-house loss prevention officers and detectives as well as in-house corporate security personnel.  Mike Hawkins has collaberated with a fellow professional, Mike Jaquish and produced a security training manual with PowerPoint presentations that exceed the mandated Washington training requirements for security officers.